AI Cybersport
AI Cybersport
AI Cybersport
platform on Avax
Choose one
of the game
Train your BitBot
using real AI technologies
Compete with others and
win rewards
Each BitBot is an NFT and stored securely on-chain with a hard link to the user's account, preventing it from being copied or stolen.
True AI
BitBots uses real AI technologies powered by Unity ML-Agents Toolkit. This toolkit provides professionally created ML models which can be used to train and apply an AI to control characters in the game.
Imitation learning
This method enables players to train their BitBot by playing by themselves. In this case, BitBots will inherit the player's behavior and becomes unique in many aspects.
BvB battles & Tournaments
The ultimate goal of the game is to engage in BitBot versus BitBot (BvB) battles. Once the BitBot is trained you can enter BvB battles and Tournaments and win rewards.
Training & mining
BitBots can be trained on your PC or sent to P2P Cloud with a much faster result. Players can lend their PC to P2P Cloud for $BTBT rewards.
Free to play
The game is F2P but players need $BTBT to engage in BvB Battles and Tournaments. Tokens can be bought or earned through mining.
2-6 player Mario-kart-style racing with pick-up weapons
The player finishing first wins the game.
Players race 3 laps while using pick-up weapons to slow other players. Most pick-ups target the first racer so that it is hard to get far away forcing a more competitive race.
2 players Street-fighter-style fighting
The player with the most HP at the end of the match wins.
Each BitBot chooses a set of abilities and attacks with which he can fight in a classic fighting match.
This game will be fully skill-based and provide a solid ground for the cybersport platform.
2-6 player Counter-strike-style deathmatch shooter
The player with the best score at the end of a 5-minute match wins.
Players can pick up different weapons scattered on the arena map.
A fully functional app for all major platforms (Mobile, PC, Web) with the ability to buy recorded demos, train BitBots in P2P Cloud, and fight in BvB fights and Tournaments. This app will bring ease of use while maintaining the full functionality of the platform.
• NFT marketplace - buy\sell BitBots - recorded demos - skins and much more
• Train BitBots in P2P Cloud
• Fight in BvB fights
• Tournaments
• Wallet for $BTBT token and Avax
• View fights recordings
• Chat with community
BitBots Manager App will be developed alongside the main PC client and will be available for premium users
NFT skins for BitBots, mods API for every game, and much more!
Anton Fomenko
Middle 3D artist
Alexandr Trusov
Lead 3D artist
Eugene Gibulin
VFX and animation artist
Malika Istaeva
VFX artist
Use cases
Deposit for BvB battles and Tournaments
P2P Cloud fees
NFT cosmetics and more
Total supply
150 m
Use cases
Deposit for BvB battles and Tournaments
P2P Cloud fees
NFT cosmetics and more
Total supply
150 m
DAO & Ecosystem
1st year lock 20% quarterly full unlock after 2y3m
3 months cliff 10% on the 4th month linear quarterly
0% TGE 5% month 2,3, 7,10 20% - 13, 16, 19, 22
10% TGE 5% monthly
20% TGE 5% monthly
3 months lock 5% - 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 months, 15% - 13, 16, 19,22, 25 months full unlock after 2y1m
Public Sale
20% TGE 20% quarterly
Q2 2022
MVP Release
Website launch
Initial private funding
DAO Launch
Q3 2022
Testnet Build Release
Release of the first 2 games
Marketplace integration
Smart contracts integration
Testnet build release
Community buildup
Q4 2022
Mainnet Build Release
Release of the third game
Audit for smart contracts
Launchpad IGO
Mainnet build release
Q1-Q2 2023
CEX\DEX listing
Tournaments and Grand Tournaments
Release of the new games
Mobile companion app